Hero boy, 13, dies days after pushing his sister out of the way of hit-and-run driver

A hit-and-run driver struck a 13-year-old boy after he shoved his sister out of the way, and the boy later passed away.

A day after his birthday, Tyler Phillips of Medford, New York, was struck by a gray SUV as he rushed to save his 13-year-old sister Krystal Randolph, according to NBC4.

Around 7:30 p.m. on October 12 in Coram, the two, who had been residing in a shelter for a year, were walking home when Tyler was struck by the car. His severe wounds caused him to pass away three days later.

‘They tried to resuscitate him and he was gone for 30 minutes,’ Desari Mac, Tyler’s mother told NBC of the frantic moments first responders attempted to save her son. 

‘His vertebrate and his skull got separated, and he’s got no brain function,’ she added, describing his condition at Stony Brook University Hospital. ‘He’s gone.’  

Krystal, who only suffered minor injuries, also mourned the loss of her brother and described him as her hero. 

‘He saved my life,’ she told the local outlet. ‘He was a hero. He will always be a hero.’  

The heartbroken sister said her brother was thrown from the car, which police believe was a dark-colored Chevrolet Equinox manufactured between 2005 and 2009.

According to officials, the hit-and-run vehicle has damaged headlights and a broken sideview front passenger mirror.

The police are currently offering up to $5,000 for information leading to the driver’s arrest.

Tyler and Krystal attended eighth grade together at William Paca Middle School in the William Floyd school district. 

Administrators offered their condolences in a note to the community following the incident, which read: ‘While we are thankful that Krystal is expected to survive, we are heartbroken to learn of Tyler’s passing.’ 

‘Our thoughts and prayers are with Tyler’s family and friends at this time.’ 

The Longwood Central School District, where Tyler and Krystal previously attended West Middle Island Elementary School, also sent a note of condolence.

‘Our thoughts and prayers go out to Tyler and Krystal’s family and friends during this incredibly difficult time,’ the district said in a statement.

Tyler’s funeral will take place on Friday at the Mangano Family Funeral Home in Middle Island.

His family described him as a football and basketball fanatic. When he wasn’t playing sports, he was said to be busy creating new dances and listening to freestyle music.

Tyler was survived by his father, Joseph Phillips, and three other siblings, Rebecca, Matthew, and Michael, in addition to his mother and sister.