Heartwarming scene: boy comforts his father following toddler tantrum

In a heartwarming moment captured on video, Molly Mikos shared a touching scene of her son Daniel and his dad comforting each other after Daniel’s three-year-old sister had an intense two and a half hour temper tantrum.

With everyone’s nerves frayed, the six-year-old Daniel took charge by suggesting deep breathing to help his dad calm down. The exchange between father and son is incredibly touching, as they share a moment of understanding and support.

What a beautiful moment, breaking cycles isn’t easy 🤍
by u/TwistedLittleSoul in MadeMeSmile

The remarkable way the 6-year-old handled such a challenging moment left a lasting impression on many viewers. One person commented, “this just goes to show how much of a great job your doing!!! toddlers are hard and the fact your 6yo was able to empathize and communicate shows it.”

Another noted, “He is so empathetic.” His mom agreed. Mikos responded, “SO empathetic. Very deeply feeling kid.”

One viewer expressed their emotional response, sharing, “Not me sobbing at 2 am because this is the healthiest parent-child relationship ever. Keep it up. Y’all are doing awesome.”

Another viewer had a similar reaction at the exact same time, saying, “You got me crying at 2am as I rock my baby boy to sleep. I hope he grows up to be like your son.”

Others pointed out Daniel’s impressive ability to regulate his emotions and show empathy. They commended Mikos and her husband, stating, “That’s amazing at any age and you did that.”

Someone else added, “This is breathtakingly beautiful and the perfect example of communicating in a healthy, developmentally appropriate way. We LOVE to see it.”

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