Heartwarming maternity shoot captures three generations of a family striking poses

A heartwarming and beautiful maternity shoot, showcasing a family’s legacy, has captured the hearts of many on social media. Photographer Jibin Joy, while traveling with his pregnant wife Chinchu PS, had an idea to bring their grandparents and parents together for the photoshoot. The shoot was set against the picturesque backdrop of Vagamon in Idukki and has since gone viral on social media.

In the video, we see an 87-year-old man affectionately kissing his wife’s forehead, while she looks at him with fondness. Clad in traditional Indian clothing, Chattayum, and Mundu, the 80-year-old woman Chinnama holds her abdomen cautiously like a pregnant woman.

The parents of the couple, Joy George (60), Thresiamma Joy (59), Sabu PT (55), and Sujatha Sabu (47), also pose in the same manner, followed by the pregnant woman and her husband. Wearing a beautiful gown, the young woman smiles brightly as her partner showers her with affection.

Jibin, the photographer, said that his grandfather was very enthusiastic about the shoot. The octogenarian has been passionate about acting since a young age and had worked in dramas. Last year, he even acted in director Basil Joseph’s film, Jane Man.

George Chacko, the 87-year-old man in the video, said, “I was very happy to be part of the shoot. It was not difficult at all. Four generations have passed and now we await the youngest daughter-in-law’s baby.”

Jibin revealed that he was brainstorming ideas for the maternity shoot while listening to a song from the Romancham movie. As the song played, the idea sparked in his mind, and he decided to take his family from Mundakayam in Kottayam to Vagamon to showcase the generational shift through everyday costumes.

Chinchu, who is nine months pregnant, said that the shoot has received a lot of positive feedback. She is delighted with how the shoot turned out and the response from everyone. She said that Jibin had wanted to do a maternity shoot and had discussed ideas with her. Finally, they decided to execute this concept, and it has come out beautifully.

Overall, the maternity shoot is a heartwarming portrayal of the bond shared by this extended family, as they eagerly await the arrival of their little one. The video has touched the hearts of many and is a beautiful tribute to the legacy of this family.