Harrison Ford, 80, pilots his private jet from NY to Tennessee and LA for wife’s 58th birthday

Friday afternoon, Harrison Ford flied one of his luxurious private jets into Los Angeles to commemorate his wife Calista Flockhart’s 58th birthday.

Moments after landing, the veteran Hollywood actor and aviation enthusiast was observed sitting in the cockpit with his headset on, awaiting final taxi instructions from the air traffic controller.

Once Ford drove the jet to its designated parking spot, he opened the cabin door and assisted Kay, the mother of the birthday girl, in descending the five steps and exiting the aircraft.

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Source: BackGrid

Ford was beaming as he placed the $18.8 million Citation Sovereign jet, the largest of his prized collection with a maximum speed of 525mph and a range of 3,200 nautical miles, into a hangar.

After being the first family member to return to the ground, the actor appeared to briefly inspect the exterior of the aircraft before opening the cabin door.

The native of Chicago appeared dashing in a light blue dress shirt tucked into dark blue jeans and black shoes.

Flockhart, who is best known to many for her role as Ally McBeal (1997-2002) in the popular television series, then exited the aircraft while leading one of the family’s dogs on a leash.

Similar to her husband, the actress dressed in a casual manner, wearing faded black jeans, a gray sweater, and white retro Adidas sneakers.

In addition, her dark brown hair was styled long and straight past her shoulders with a middle part.

Moments later, Ford and Flockhart assisted her mother (born Kay Calista) down the steps and out of the aircraft.

On his way from New York to Los Angeles, the renowned actor apparently picked up his mother-in-law in Tennessee.

The mother of Flockhart has been retired and residing in Morristown, Tennessee, approximately 225 miles east of Nashville.

It wasn’t long before an SUV pulled up next to the jet, and the family of three entered and departed, ostensibly for Flockhart’s 58th birthday celebration.