Grateful paralyzed man expresses thanks to woman who rescued him from burning car

A Texan Paralyzed from the Waist Down Rescued from Burning Car, Seeks Out Heroic Rescuer to Express Gratitude

A man from Texas, paralyzed from the waist down, found himself in a dire situation when his rental car caught fire, trapping him inside. Unable to thank his rescuer in the midst of the emergency, he later embarked on a mission to express his heartfelt gratitude.

6-year-old conversed with Jesus while experiencing a near-death episode in the hospital
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According to the New York Post, the incident occurred on Sunday when Dennis Brown’s rental car suddenly burst into flames with him trapped inside. Thankfully, a Mississippi resident named Tammi Arrington, who had been visiting a friend and assisting with a move into a new home, sprang into action to save him.

Glancing out of the window, Tammi Arrington noticed that all the car doors appeared to be closed, initially leading her to believe that the vehicle was unoccupied.

She said, “I just happened to see his head move just a little bit from the headrest and then I realized there was someone in there.”

Without hesitation, Arrington sprang into action, rushing towards the car.

Brown recounted that she urgently instructed him to exit the vehicle, to which he replied, “I can’t, I’m in a wheelchair.”

Arrington heroically pulled him from the vehicle to a safe location and then waited for the fire department to arrive and extinguish the flames.

Brown said, “If it wasn’t for Tammi, I don’t know how I possibly would’ve gotten out or how close I would’ve got burned or wouldn’t be here today if not for Tammi.”

Brown mentioned that the entire incident unfolded so rapidly that he didn’t have the opportunity to learn her name. When his family attempted to visit the residence where she was helping, intending to express their gratitude, they found it unoccupied.

“I didn’t give a proper thank you,” he remarked. In his quest to express his gratitude, he reached out to local Fox 4 for an interview in an effort to locate the person who had saved him.

He said, “I’d like to appreciate her for her heroic act.”

“She went into harm’s way to save me. Dragged me out. I’d like to thank her,” he went on. 

Brown’s mother affectionately referred to Tammi Arrington as “his angel.”

Dennis Brown had already endured a near-death experience when he became paralyzed as a result of a gunshot wound.

This second encounter prompted him to express, “Life is beautiful, even from a sitting down position.”

Once she was located, Brown recounted to the New York Post that he reached out to Tammi Arrington. He shared, “The first thing I said was, ‘Tammi, this is Dennis, the guy in the wheelchair.’”

He went on to describe the moment, saying, “We started laughing, man, we just started laughing.”

In response, Arrington expressed her relief that he was safe and remarked, “Any human response — I think if they saw that, they would have done the same thing.”

Brown plans to treat both his mother and his rescuer to a dinner the next time Tammi Arrington is in town.

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