Couple married 70 years found dead on rural road after 2-month disappearance

After a two-month search, authorities have finally found Robert and Loveda Proctor, an elderly couple from Nebraska. Tragically, the couple was found deceased.

The Proctors’ remains were found on a “minimum maintenance road” in Buffalo County on a Saturday afternoon. The Aurora Police Department released a statement stating that no foul play was suspected and that the investigation into their deaths was still ongoing.

The Proctor couple went missing in mid-January and their family members became concerned when their son, Victor Proctor, visited their house to bring them food and found that something was amiss.

When Victor Proctor visited his parents’ house, he found it dark and empty.

“Grandma doesn’t usually drive when it’s dark,” Tammy Proctor, Bob and Loveda’s daughter-in-law, said.

Facebook / Aurora Nebraska Police Department

Tammy and Victor, concerned for their elderly parents’ well-being, filed a missing person’s report despite the possibility that Robert and Loveda may have just become lost on their way home one night.

On January 11, one of the last known locations of the elderly couple was a hospital in Grand Island. The next day, on January 12, they were captured on a convenience store’s surveillance footage in Hastings during the early morning hours.

Bob, a Navy veteran who suffered from dementia, and his wife and caretaker Loveda, were last spotted on a convenient store’s surveillance footage in Hastings, which would be their last known location.

It wasn’t until a month after the couple’s disappearance that this piece of information was discovered.

“I haven’t worked one day since this happened, we’re constantly calling someone, driving somewhere,” Victor said.

“The list is endless of people who have tried to help and are continuing to help, and we just need to keep reaching out to more and more people and get it until everyone is out there looking.”

Facebook / Aurora Nebraska Police Department

Police notified the Proctor family on March 11 that the bodies of Bob and Loveda had been discovered in their vehicle, about 60 miles away from their home

Rewritten: Robert and Loveda Proctor had been in a long-lasting relationship for almost 70 years.

Facebook / Aurora Nebraska Police Department

After almost 70 years of being together, Robert and Loveda Proctor leave behind a big family, including eight grandchildren and numerous great-grandchildren.

Laci Fleming, their granddaughter, expressed on a Facebook page: “They are in heaven watching over us.”