Grandpa creates magical “safety bed” for autistic grandson so that he may have good night’s sleep

A loving and extraordinarily talented grandfather is ensuring that his grandchild has a good night’s sleep. According to a popular Reddit post, the man created a unique bedroom for his autistic grandson.

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Cover Image Source: Reddit

u/libertyordeaaathh posted a video on the site offering users a tour of his impressive handiwork. According to him, certain children with autism and other disorders require a safety bed to keep them contained and safe. With this in mind, he designed a little, magical area with a “Winnie the Pooh” motif.

Eeyore the donkey and Tigger the tiger paintings welcome you on a board outside the door that reads “Mr. Sanders.” When the entrance door is opened, it takes you inside to a room with blue lighting.

Despite being small, it is quite nicely made, with wall murals showing the interior of Pooh Bear’s house. This custom-built facility has life in every last detail. The kitchen table’s honey pot, which is obviously Pooh’s favorite food.

Additionally, a painted window overlooks a grassy setting. Because it is on wheels, the bed may be removed from the room by pulling on a strap. Even funnier is the fact that the elderly man sought counsel from the neighborhood fire department, which gave instructions on what to do in case of an emergency.

He set up numerous fire detection systems, CO2 alarms and monitoring, and cameras, temperature monitoring. Additionally, flame resistance has been added to all of the materials’ treatments. That is a safe bed, for sure!

The grandpa’s labor of love inspired admiration from other Redditors. One Reddit user said, “Your grandson may not currently have the capacity to fully process your efforts, but I do hope he’ll eventually show his gratitude to you for this beautiful thing you made for him.”

For those who were curious as to the function of a safety bed, u/ialwaysplayhealer clarified: The main one is wandering; some children with autism (or other impairments) will leave the house. For a young child, this can be extremely harmful. Many individuals are forced to do things like install window bars, but a safety bed is thought to be a more humane solution. Additionally, it can be beneficial for kids who are prone to flailing or convulsions since it prevents them from slipping off the bed or slamming their limbs against harsh surfaces. Also capable of serving as a sensory-safe area. The contained nature of this one in particular makes it ideal as a sensory place (a lot of safety beds are mesh covering).