Grandmother’s inventive method of keeping her grandkids’ newborn teeth goes viral

A woman uncovered a strange yet nostalgic artifact in her husband’s childhood room.

Several families have different customs that have been passed down through centuries. While some of these are culturally prevalent, others are quite exclusive to a family. Claire Linkhart of Ohio had no words to explain her feelings when she discovered one such unusual ritual while dating her husband Rob. According to TODAY, she discovered two carved wooden beavers with beaming smiles buried under his high school sports medals when searching his boyhood bedroom nearly a decade ago. Claire stated she was utterly astonished when she learned Rob and Adam’s baby teeth had been utilized to make the beavers’ toothy smiles.  “How could such a treasure be hidden from our relationship?”

Rob’s grandma, it appears, commissioned the beavers with baby teeth. Claire elaborated,  “My husband’s late grandmother had them made at a craft fair. I never had the pleasure of meeting her but I know she was a really special lady.”  When she released a TikTok video showing how Rob and Adam’s newborn teeth were molded into wooden beavers for perpetual preservation, she acknowledged she had no clue how people would respond. The footage, however, rapidly became popular on social media.

Claire stated,”I am so new to TikTok, especially on the ‘creator’ side. I still have no idea how to use half of the features. I threw that video together more to make myself laugh.” The video of the Linkhart family beavers has received over 9000 comments and over seven million views since it was posted earlier this week. TikTok fans couldn’t get enough of Claire’s video of a rare family relic, which she captioned, “We’ve been married 12 years and I will never truly recover from this discovery.” 

“I would fight for these at an estate sale,” while another commented, “A new family tradition I did not know I’d be implementing immediately.” Another said, “Lmfaoooo I need one of these for my kids teeth.” A TikTok user joked, “the brother’s set of chompers looks like steve harvey’s goofy ahh pretending to be shocked.” Another said, “I REALLY NEED 2 SEE THE BROTHER’S FULL SET WAY CLOSER. THIS GIVES DAHMER VIBES BUT IN A WEIRDLY WHOLESOME WAY.” Claire took this request seriously and filmed another video of the brother’s teeth in close-up.  “I think it’s hysterical and sentimental at the same time.” 

Another person stated, “Okay hear me out. I WILL PAY GOOD MONEY FOR SOMEONE TO MAKE ME ONE.”  Meanwhile, Claire stated that the beavers had”gone home to their rightful owners.” after her discovery. She stated, “My husband’s lives in our dining room display cabinet, and his brother’s lives in their living room bookshelf display. They make for great party conversation starters.” ” She also indicated that there are certain logistics to consider before choosing if the beaver tradition would be continued with their children, ages 8 and 5.  “The older one has already asked how the beaver got daddy’s teeth from the tooth fairy.”