Grandma, who is struggling to care for her triplets alone, finds a note and $300 on the table

The 54-year-old grandmother took care of her daughter’s triplets while also working as a waitress in 2016.

Shiela enjoyed chatting with coworkers about Bentley, Ashton, and Dalton, her daughter’s triplet boys, who are all 4 years old.

Since the triplets were just two months old, Shiela, a North Dakota bartender, has been their sole caregiver. When her daughter learned she was expecting triplets, she was a struggling single mother who already had a young child.

The young mother felt she couldn’t give the boys the life she wanted to give them because of her overflowing emotions.

Grandma Shiela intervened at that point and got to her feet, despite the fact that she was also having a difficult time. The money from her waitressing job barely got her by. However, she never considered giving the boys to another family.

Sheila and the boys were able to manage family life together with less money than other families, but more love and warmth.

Sheila couldn’t stop gushing about her boys because she was so proud of them. However, all of her “bragging” about her kids took an unexpected turn one day, and she started crying in the bathroom.

When 30-year-old single mother Shiela Weisgerber’s daughter learned she was carrying triplets, she sobbed. The young mother knew she couldn’t support three more children because she was already struggling. And if that weren’t tragic enough, the boys’ father had died in a car accident a few months prior to their birth.


Thankfully, though, she was spared from having to place the boys for adoption and give them to another family. Instead, once the boys were two months old, grandma Shiela took care of them.

She told ABC News, ”At first it was very overwhelming,” she stold ABC News. ”And, at first I thought I bit off more than I could chew.”

These adorable triplet boys turned 10 today! Even though Grandma Shiela also had financial difficulties, everything worked out just fine. She was a waitress, and her pay wasn’t enough to cover anything besides the bare necessities.

However, as you are probably aware, love and security are the most crucial elements in a child’s development, and Shiela had a lot to offer in that regard.

”I do what I gotta do each day, and it works,” she explained and continued:

”They’re good little guys.”

She cherished every opportunity to brag about Bentley, Ashton, and Dalton because she loved them so dearly. After that, a couple entered the bar where Shiela worked one day. They listened to Shiela tell her tale as they waited to be served. The grandmother’s tale and her tireless efforts to provide for her triplet boys deeply moved the couple, who were helpless to intervene.

They were so moved, in fact, that they wrote a brief note on the bill.

It read, “Take care of those boys!” In addition to their $33 tab, the couple also made the decision to leave the struggling grandma a very large $300 tip.

The shocked grandmother simply stared in shock at the credit card slip.

”I looked at it, and I looked at it again. You read stuff about it, and you hear about it, and you wonder, ‘Is that really true? Do people really do that?”

Shiela was moved to share the touching gesture that made her cry after the incident. She wrote: “I posted a picture of the receipt.”

I sobbed in the bathroom and was shocked because that amount of money seemed excessive to me.

Viral tale
And the unexpected act of kindness touched more than just Shiela. According to the grandmother’s employer, her post went viral and had a positive impact on the entire community.

The bar’s proprietor, Dave Cole Jr, said, ”The last few months have been really hard with random deaths around here,” He continued,

”We really needed a boost. This was a godsend. Literally, it made everybody brighten up. You know that there still is good left.”

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