Grandma keeps her promise to the cashier and sharing her lotto money with him

Marion Forrest participates in the weekly lottery. The local resident of Rancho Mirage, Palm Springs, who is 86 years old and frequently visits her neighborhood Duke’s Mini Mart, does so in order to purchase a ticket for the Fantasy 5 lottery.

She frequently bet on the precise numbers each time, but she hadn’t had any success in winning her bets yet.

But there was that one week that shifted everything in a completely other direction.


The clerk at Duke’s greeted Marion as she entered the store and suggested that she purchase her ticket sooner than usual.

It’s likely that Walter was merely attempting to recommend that she switch up her routine in order to modify her luck.

She thought it was a fantastic concept, so she went out and purchased a lottery ticket and placed her wager on the same numbers.

As Marion was purchasing her lottery ticket, she made a commitment to Walter.

She promised that if she was ever fortunate enough to win the jackpot reward of $500,000, she would split the money with Walter.

He may use that significant sum of money in a variety of different ways.

Her decision was influenced by the cashier’s kind demeanor and helpfulness, particularly after she made a mistake while purchasing the tickets.

Marion said KESQ News Channel 3, “I felt so good walking out of the store because he was gracious and sweet.” 

Marion was shocked to find out that she had won the lotto!

However, the windfall of $500,000 that she had planned to win did not materialize.

Even though she only took home $300, she never forgot the commitment she had made to Walter.

She went back to the store after she cashed in her winnings so that she might surprise him there.

She went to Duke’s accompanied by balloons bearing the name Walter written on them.


Heide Forrest, Marion’s granddaughter, accompanied her and was prepared to record her grandma’s lovely surprise.

She greeted Walter as soon as she walked in the door to share the good news.

She then presented him with the balloons and a $150 envelope.

She also gave Walter the most loving embraces.

The exchange between the two was amicable and heartfelt.

Walter was pleased that Marion kept her promise even if he couldn’t think she would.

Even if every dollar counts, the value of having your faith in people restored much outweighs that.