Grandma faces criticism for not dressing her age, but her powerful response silences online trolls

The phrase “age is just a number” is frequently used worldwide, but not everyone truly believes in its meaning. This became evident when a 76-year-old grandmother expressed her unique sense of style and faced unkind criticism. However, she refused to be discouraged. Let’s delve into the details of what transpired.

Candace Leslie Cima, a multifaceted individual, embraces various identities such as a wife, mother, and grandmother. Additionally, she is an artist, businesswoman, and model. Based in Buffalo, New York, this remarkable senior runs a blog called “Life In My 70s: Aging Is Changing.”

Through her blog, Cima offers advice to women on embracing personal changes as they age, along with insights on lifestyle and fashion. Her fascination with the aging process dates back to her twenties and thirties, influenced by her role as the owner of a senior housing facility. Having encountered aging individuals from diverse backgrounds, Cima has gained profound wisdom. She asserts, “Aging is Changing; we have the opportunity to be productive, intelligent, compassionate, and stylish women throughout our later years.”

Cima also maintains a TikTok account with nearly 100,000 followers, where she showcases her life and fashion choices. While she garners admiration, she also faces criticism from individuals who dislike her clothing preferences.

In her videos, she confidently dons trendy outfits, disregarding comments suggesting that certain styles are inappropriate for her age of “60.” To their surprise, she reveals her true age of 75 at the time of filming.

Another video captures Cima strolling by a pool during a vacation in Florida, elegantly clad in a chic black one-piece swimsuit. Comments poured in, praising her incredible appearance.

Through her TikTok account and blog, Cima encourages women to embrace the beauty of aging and shed the negative stereotypes associated with it. Her blog consistently highlights the advantages of aging, emphasizing personal growth and a newfound sense of fearlessness. She believes that aging can be a transformative experience, stating, “Many older women lead vibrant and fulfilling lives, breaking records and surpassing boundaries.”

Cima adamantly opposes the notion that older women must conform to societal standards regarding their clothing choices or activities. She fights against the limitations imposed by age-related expectations.

As Cima embraces the aging process, she has discovered effective ways to combat stress and anxiety, including time management and meditation techniques.

Furthermore, she has gained a deeper understanding of what works best for her in life. Cima affirms that attitude is paramount and can significantly impact one’s outlook and experiences. Aging does not signify a halt; rather, it represents the accumulation of unstoppable wisdom, if one chooses to embrace it.

Recognizing the importance of maintaining good health, Cima follows an active routine and shares glimpses of her fitness regimen. She incorporates a dedicated yoga practice to keep herself physically and mentally fit.

Her yoga video garnered praise from viewers who were impressed by her flexibility, even at her age. Cima serves as an inspiring example of graceful and healthy aging, as attested by one viewer who commented, “You are so inspiring! I am 44 and have been following a few older women on social media to provide me with examples of graceful and healthy aging.”

Despite facing ageist comments, Cima remains unfazed, demonstrating that true beauty transcends age. At 76 years old, she exemplifies the notion that age is no barrier to living a fulfilling and vibrant life.

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