WATCH: Grandma, 83, achieves her 5th degree black belt in karate from Chuck Norris

Carole Taylor, a grandma from Utah who is 83 years old, just just obtained her fifth-degree black belt in karate from the renowned Chuck Norris.


Carole Taylor, now 68 years old, first became interested in karate 15 years ago while she was accompanying her granddaughter, then 11 years old, to karate courses.

She reflected to herself, “Wow, this requires both mental and physical effort.” She recalled thinking that someone her age ought to engage in this activity. She then went to the instructor and inquired as to whether or not it would be inappropriate for her to join the class, and the instructor granted her request.

Taylor did not develop her passion for karate until much later in life.

After that, she and her granddaughter began taking karate lessons. She said that  they both obtained their first-degree black belts around the same time.

The week before last, Norris hosted his annual United Fighting Arts Federation International Training Convention, and Taylor’s granddaughter gave a performance there.

Taylor showed off his mastery of traditional hand techniques, stances, footwork, aiming, concentration, and power.

Throughout her performance, “Little Old Lady from Pasadena” by The Beach Boys was played in the background.

She chose this song because she spent her childhood in Pasadena, and the audience responded positively to it.

Taylor received a standing ovation from Norris, along with many others.

Taylor said how thrilled she was with the news. She was able to bow to him, turn around as he dressed her in a black gi. He then grabbed her and held her so firmly that he almost pulled her off the ground; her one foot went up.

Carole Taylor’s meeting with Chuck Norris, a karate expert in his own right, is something she will never forget.

She shared: “(Norris) was really sweet, and he’s 81, and he made some remarks about how he hadn’t been exercising much recently and how she had motivated him to go back and start training again, and that made her feel great.”

Taylor is ecstatic to have found karate as one of the numerous events that have occurred in her life.

She mentioned that it is simply one of those factors that helps her life more full, and she just enjoys it, and it gives her the feeling tough and powerful, and it gives her a feeling like she can keep developing.