Grandfather runs to say goodbye to his granddaughter every time she departs until his last day

Grandparents serve as role models for their grandchildren, and one granddaughter documented the touching custom she had with her cherished grandfather. He left lifetime memories for all of his grandchildren, which they will cherish always.

Eska Miller adored being a pillar of stability in the lives of his grandchildren, showering them with affection. The Texan, who was fondly referred to as “Guywa” by his loved ones, always gave them his undying love and care.

As he grew older, Eska treasured every moment spent with his family and took great joy in watching the young ones develop. He also shared a special custom with his grandsons, and the endearing act quickly gained popularity online.

9-year-old boy approaches an unfamiliar police officer and discreetly hands over a note
Grandfather Eska Miller. | Source:

His Goodbye Tradition

Grandpa Eska was a wonderful presence in the lives of Haley Gamez and her husband, Danie Gamez, and they count themselves among the fortunate to have had him. Whenever they came to visit, he was overly generous to them and their children.

Ever as Haley could remember, her cherished Guywa would say farewell to her by waving anytime she was leaving his house. He had a little farewell run that he would undertake beside the departing car, and it didn’t take long for the activity to turn into a habit for him.

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Following in His Footsteps

Haley revealed that her grandfather had participated in the farewell run for the entirety of her childhood and that he had always wished that she could do it with her own children or grandchildren.

Haley was going to spend the rest of her life following in Eska’s footsteps, and one of the many principles he taught her was to treat those she cared about with respect and to make them feel like they were unique.

The simple custom of saying good-bye to one another meant a great deal to Haley and the rest of her family, and it was something that they would always treasure. The grandchild continued:

“[This is] what memories are made of.”

Putting a Smile on People’s Faces All Over the World

In the year 2021, Haley posted online a compilation video of her grandfather performing his signature farewell run. The video moved the hearts of many people, and almost immediately, people on the internet fell in love with Eska.

@haley_gamez We’re really going to miss you Guywa. Until we meet again. As the life of a flower, As a breath or a sigh, So the years that we live As a dream hasten by; True, today we are here, But tomorrow may see Just a grave in the vale, And a memory of me. We love you, Our Guywa. #guywa #runninggrandpa #missyou #heaven ♬ Chasing Shadows – Alex Warren

When the doting grandfather was queried about his sudden popularity, he responded in a comedic manner by saying:

“Well, I puff up when people tell me [about the video], and I say, ‘man, I’m popular.'”

9-year-old boy approaches an unfamiliar police officer and discreetly hands over a note
Grandfather Eska Miller. | Source:

The Love That He Left Behind Lasts Forever

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In 2022, Haley broke the terrible news about her grandfather’s passing to the members of the internet community who had grown to know and love her grandfather. It was a statement that no one desired to be made public. The demise of the gentle elderly guy was difficult for Haley’s family to deal with after he went away.

They would never forget him, and his absence was keenly felt on a daily basis. He had a unique place in their hearts. The granddaughter shared her Guywa’s final run in a heartbreaking video tribute to their family member, in which she also expressed her longing to see him again someday. The video brought tears to the viewer’s eyes. she said:

“We’re really going to miss you, Guywa. Until we meet again. As the life of a flower, as a breath or a sigh, so the years that we live as a dream hasten by; true, today we are here, but tomorrow may see just a grave in the vale, and a memory of me. We love you, Our Guywa.”

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