Grandfather buys a school bus so he can take all 10 of his grandchildren to school every day

Every once in a while, you hear a story that will make you cry. That is, tears of happiness.

Well, you’re in luck, because we’ve found one for you today. It’s a story about how important family values are and how much love one grandfather has for his growing family of grandchildren.

Doug Hayes is a grandfather from Oregon who wants to give his grandchildren something special every Christmas. This year, though, he might have even topped himself by buying a gift that has gone viral for all the right reasons.

No one can say that Doug isn’t the most valuable player this Christmas when it comes to buying gifts for his grandchildren.

The grandfather of ten kids wanted to do something different, so he gave them a bright yellow school bus.

A bus for kids? I can hear you. Yes, a bus so he can drive them all to school and spend time with them every day.

The video of his grandchildren opening the gift for the first time was luckily shared on social media, so everyone could cheer with them.

Amy Hayes / Facebook

“That’s it? The kids can be heard asking, “You got a bus?!” as they run towards their surprise.

Doug said, “I thought, gee whiz, maybe there’s some way that I can give them a memory that will last all their lives.”

Reports say that his grandchildren go to a small Christian elementary school that doesn’t have any school buses. The bus is called “Grandfather Express,” and it will give rides all through the year.

Doug, who is now a part-time school bus driver, came up with the plan on his own, and we think it’s a great one! Who better than your grandfather to drive you to and from school?