Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell’s love for each other continues to grow stronger after being together for 37 years

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell are a beloved pair in Hollywood, and despite 37 years together, they still exude a youthful and passionate love for each other that seems to only strengthen with each passing day.

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Although there was an initial attraction when they first met on the set of The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band in 1968, it didn’t evolve into anything more at the time. Goldie Hawn mentioned in an interview that she was 21 and Kurt Russell was only 16, and while she found him charming, she felt he was too young. However, when they crossed paths years later, she reminisced that it was love at first sight when they first met.

Despite both dating and even marrying other people at one point, Goldie and Kurt seemed to be going in separate directions until fate brought them back together at an audition for their upcoming film, Swing Shift. The sparks between them were undeniable and impossible to ignore.

Despite being Hollywood superstars, Goldie and Kurt are just like any other couple. Goldie believes that the secret to a successful relationship is knowing when to rely on your partner and when not to. She emphasized the importance of sharing responsibilities because no one person can bear the weight alone, otherwise, their shoulders will become heavy.

Goldie and Kurt both had children from their previous marriages, but they came together as one close-knit family. They were honored with stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in a joint ceremony.

Goldie and Kurt view themselves as an ordinary couple. During a previous interview, Kurt explained that in reality, they are just like any other couple and go through the same things. He added that after 34 years, they have experienced every emotion together. Despite falling in love with each other every day, it has been around 37 years since they first fell in love.