‘Looks like Godzilla’: Giant lizard found climbing on Florida home’s window

A family in Central Florida recorded video of an unusual visitor: a large monitor lizard climbing on a window.

Jocelyn Penson, who posted the video to Facebook, said the footage was filmed at the home of her son, Frank Crowder, in Apopka, Fla.

The lizard is seen climbing on the window in an apparent attempt to get into the house in the video. The reptile eventually falls out of the window and to the ground.

“Looks like Godzilla to me!” Penson wrote.

Penson’s family initially thought the animal was a tegu lizard, but Ron Magill, a wildlife expert with Zoo Miami, says the reptile is a Sub-Saharan African monitor lizard.

“It’s a lizard that could be anywhere between 3 and 5 feet, generally speaking,” he told WSVN-TV.

Magill said the lizard was likely a former pet that either escaped or was abandoned into the wild by its owner.