‘God sent her to me’: Couple still in love after 91 years of marriage

Zechariah and Shama’a – a Jewish couple born in Yemen – have been together for more than 90 years, and they still love being with each other.

They were both orphans and had to marry very early in life at the ages of 10 and 12 in order to prevent them from getting married outside of their Jewish community.

However, their life wasn’t so easy. Shama’a told BBC, “We didn’t lick honey in life. We suffered”. She recalled that they had no house and had to clean a donkey’s barn to live in.

In 1948, the couple was forced to leave Yemen due to anti-Semitic persecution. They relocated to Israel, which had just become a state at the time. They continue to reside there today.

They later had 11 children and now have 64 grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Despite their hardship in the early years of marriage, they still enjoy each other company. Zechariah said “Remember, this is my first and last woman that I married. And I never threw her out”.

On her part, Shama’a said they lived “without fighting,” and were happy to spend their lives together.

When asked what makes a happy marriage, Zechariah answered without doubt: “God has sent her to me. I was lucky to win her”.

“Women flocked to me like a herd of sheep, but I didn’t take any of them,” he added.

He also attributed his blessings to God: “God protected us all the way and let the two of us die together”.

Their story has inspired many netizens.

One person commented: “Oh my goodness that is total commitment!! Love for a life time.”

Another person exclaimed: “Oh you beautiful people I wish I could sit and talk your ears off in the kindest ways I have loads of questions, how beautiful God bless you both.”

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