Girl with Down Syndrome impresses people by styling sister’s hair and showing off intelligence

Kalista Hesch and her 13-year-old sister Worthy have captured the hearts of social media users worldwide with their adorable beauty sessions.

Worthy, who has Down Syndrome, has impressed millions with her hairstyling skills as she styles her big sister’s hair. Since going viral in 2020, the duo has amassed 5.3 million followers on TikTok and 113K followers on Instagram.

Hesch revealed that Worthy’s hairstyling talents were discovered during a sleepover on her 19th birthday, where Worthy used a straightener to curl her hair.

Hesch’s family adopted Worthy from China when she was five years old, and she ensures that she only films videos when Worthy is willing and comfortable. Additionally, Hesch prioritizes safety by ensuring that all hair tools used in the clips are unplugged.

Hesch speaks highly of her sister, saying, “She is so kind, and to me, she is the closest thing to perfection in this world.” Hesch believes that the videos’ popularity is due to the positivity they spread, describing Worthy as “joy.”

Describing her little sister, Hesch says that Worthy is a perfectionist who enjoys interacting with people and brushing their hair, a reflection of her loving and amiable personality. Despite her Down Syndrome, Worthy’s talent and infectious joy have made her a beloved figure on social media.

As Hesch puts it, “Worthy is worthy of being loved, she is worthy of having a family, and she is worthy of all the good things this life has to offer her.”