Girl Whose Heart Stopped Beating for 12 Minutes Succeeds in Surviving the Ordeal

Jamie and Chris Nipper, who are originally from Cape Girardeau, Missouri, felt that they had been really fortunate to have such a lovely family. Unbeknownst to them, something unexpected was lurking in the shadows, and it was this thing that would go on to change their lives and reinforce their faith.

In the warm month of July in 2015, Jamie made the decision to have a pool party for her daughter Alise Nipper’s pals from her elementary school. The mothers of the children were also there, and everyone had come together in an effort to catch up, avoid the heat, and have some good times before the summer break came to an end.

Due to the rapidly changing weather, the pool party has been called off.

The Nippers had a good time swimming for a few hours, but after that, the weather began to act strangely. The sun suddenly gave way to clouds, and all of the mothers immediately began moving their children away from the pool and toward the patio, where they could have a pleasant conversation and some refreshments.

Jamie stated that she felt compelled by something to continue wearing Alise’s life jacket, but she ultimately made the decision to remove it because everyone all already on their way back to the house. When she turned around a little while later, she was taken aback to see that her daughter was nowhere to be found.

Discovering That Her Daughter Is in a Dangerous Condition.

Jamie, in a state of panic, decided to examine the pool after she had looked everywhere else. On her second pass, she saw something that tore through her heart: it was the foot of her daughter, which was below the raft.

Shortly after that, Jamie dragged Alise out of the water and immediately started yelling for assistance. Although it was obvious from her condition that she was lifeless, the distressed mother held her daughter’s hand and begged that she would cough up some water and be okay while a friend contacted 911. However, it was plain from her condition that she had died.

CPR being performed while praying for a miracle to happen

The tiny child was given CPR right away by Jamie’s friend Heather Kyle, who also happens to be a registered nurse; but, their efforts were unfortunately in vain. The three-year-old appeared lifeless and pale for at least a dozen minutes during this ordeal. Another mother who was there, Natika Rowles, said that she started crying uncontrollably and praying to God to help Alise. She said:

“We wanted life so we spoke life, because that’s what God tells us to do.”

Heather and Jamie refused to give up and continued their attempts at resuscitation while praying and hoping for a miracle to save their girl’s life. They were taken aback when all of a sudden they noticed that Alise’s face had begun to regain some of its color. Shortly after this, she began heaving heavily and gasping for oxygen.

Taken to the Hospital

The infant was sent to the hospital almost immediately, and despite the fact that she was still alive, her condition was considered to be severe. During this time, Alise’s father received a phone call that left him speechless and in a state of utter devastation. He dropped everything and dashed off to the hospital in a hurry to check on his daughter.

In order to give Alise with the highest level of care and assistance, she was transferred to a hospital in St. Louis. The doctors told the Nippers that they would do their best to treat her injuries, but that they couldn’t give them much reason to have much hope for her recovery because her injuries were so horrific and serious.

Confounded by the Developments in the Child’s Health

The family and friends of tiny Alise prayed for a full recovery while she fought for her life. On a Facebook page called “Boldly Pray for Alise,” which a friend of the Nippers set up, Jamie provided updates on her daughter’s condition and connected with a large number of individuals who were praying for them.

The young girl’s condition improved six days later, and she was removed off life support. When they realized she could hum her favorite songs in addition to speaking, everyone was astounded. The Nippers were given the all-clear to take their girl home after another week.

Defying Logic & Rationality

The Missouri parents were overjoyed to witness their daughter’s speedy recovery. It was impressive to see that Alise didn’t seem phased by the incident and that she appeared to be in a lot better state mentally, physically, and emotionally.

However, Alise’s friend Natika, who had watched the family’s frightening experience, stated that God had healed Alise because there was no other conceivable explanation for how she had recovered enough to run and speak after only two weeks.

God at Work

Even the medical professionals were astounded by how rapidly Alise recovered from the event on July 29, 2015. She achieved all of her goals while continuing to go to treatment sessions, becoming a great inspiration to everyone who saw her or heard her incredible story.

Each time they witnessed their daughter playing, running, smiling, or being her vivacious, joyful self, Jamie and Chris felt lucky and grateful. They believed that by sharing their daughter’s uplifting tale, others might be encouraged to trust in the possibility of miracles. Jamie stated:

“I look at her and think….how awesome is our God.”