Girl who said she ‘can’t sing’ made her classmates gasp in amazement

For many people, speaking or acting in front of an audience is the most terrifying thing conceivable. No matter how skilled you are at what you do, going on for the first time on stage requires a lot of courage.

Years ago, millions of people saw the charming Angelica Hale steal the show with an incredible performance of “Rise Up.” A short while later, another girl took the decision to “rise up,” and in the process, she left everyone in awe.


The individual who uploaded the video claimed that their school hosted an open mic night where anyone may perform. A young girl made a decision to perform the piano, saying that she “couldn’t sing well.”

Every person in the room raises an eyebrow a few seconds after the opening note. She is extremely talented, you’ll get chills watching her perform.


Casting directors were seeking to identify this girl once the video was posted. In the comments, one agent pleaded, “What’s her name? I would love to speak with her and her parents about the tv show I’m casting.”

Watch the video below and enjoy her voice: