Girl discovers a starving horse on the side of the road and travels 9 miles to find assistance

This girl walked more than nine miles to save the life of a stranger she encountered on the side of the road. Her efforts yielded her a new best friend.

There are only a handful of Good Samaritans in the world, and it always warms our hearts when we witness one. The same applies to this uplifting story.

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The tale of an adolescent girl and her horse.

The news about this Illinois girl and her horse exploded, but what makes them so special? These two may appear to have known each other for a long time, but the truth is that they only met by chance on the road.

They took a different route that day and happened upon this horse in distress.

The adolescent Kelsey and her mother were travelling to their next swap meet in their trailer. However, on that particular day, Kelsey’s mother decided to deviate from her usual route. As they were driving down that road, they happened to notice a horse lying on the side of it. They knew they had to stop there and investigate further.

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The family felt immediate concern upon observing the horse’s wretched condition.

The horse appeared so malnourished that it was likely on the verge of death. Worst of all, they observed whip marks on the horse’s body. Who could have possibly done this to this poor horse?

The fact that some individuals did this to this horse is unfathomable. Perhaps her previous handlers felt they could no longer benefit from the horse, so they decided to abandon her on the side of the road. Kelsey and her mother hypothesized that the horse may have escaped her abusive owners in search of food.

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They attempted to coax the unfortunate horse into their trailer, but to no avail.

No matter what they tried, they were unable to load the horse into the trailer. Kelsey was determined to save the dying horse, so she insisted that the horse be walked back to its stable.

It is the only logical course of action, but Kelsey’s house is nine miles away. Kelsey knew it was the correct course of action, so she continued to walk the horse home. After four hours of walking, they reached their destination, and the family immediately prepared to nurse the sick horse back to health.

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They were ultimately able to save the horse.
The horse slept for five days, causing concern among Kelsey and her family. Kelsey would remain in the barn the entire time, praying that the horse could be saved. Kelsey’s prayer was answered, and she awoke to a healthy and appreciative horse as a result of their efforts.

She named her horse Sunny, and upon entering this loving environment, Sunny adopted Kelsey as her new mother.

The interviewer questioned her “What kept you going that whole way that you were walking?”

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To which Kelsey replied with humility:

“I guess just the idea that a life’s a life’ and no matter how small it is, she needed to be saved.”

It was a commendable response, but this thought would probably not occur to others in a similar circumstance.

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“My pain wasn’t comparable to what she was in herself,” she added.