Girl creates stylish ensembles from late grandfather’s old clothes in effort to “keep him close”

Coping with the loss of a grandparent can be a challenging experience, irrespective of one’s age, especially if there was a strong bond. In such times, keeping a connection through their belongings can offer solace while cherishing memories. For Issy Spurway, finding joy in repurposing a collection of her late grandpa’s clothes has become a way to hold him close in her heart.

Rather than simply donating the clothes to a local shelter, Spurway decided to imbue them with new life, fashioning them into something that reflects her own style rather than a traditional grandpa look. Currently pursuing her studies in textiles at Loughborough University in the UK, she employs a seam ripper and scissors to disassemble her grandfather’s garments. She then devises patterns and transforms them into entirely redesigned pieces.

A glance at her creations would hardly reveal their origin as clothing once worn by an elderly man. Spurway has successfully repurposed and revitalized over a hundred items, breathing new life into cherished mementos.

“I didn’t want to throw his clothes away, so I made them into something I could wear and take a piece of him with me,” Spurway explained to SWNS. “I actually think it helped with the grieving process as I know he would have loved it.”

One of her videos showcases Spurway’s creative process as she transforms a shirt into a charming cropped tube top, complete with delicate spaghetti straps. In another video, she skillfully crafts a breezy blouse with an elegantly ruffled hem. Her adeptness in these endeavors caught the attention of TikTok, leading the platform to approach her for tutorials on upcycling old garments.

For a visual demonstration of her talent, you can observe her craft a fresh shirt in the video provided below:

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