Girl born in prison defies all odds as she secures a place at Harvard University

A remarkable Texas girl, who entered this world in a prison cell, has become a shining star as she graduates from high school with top honors and sets her sights on Harvard University.

Growing up with her devoted father, Aurora experienced frequent relocations but always resided in Montgomery County. Even in her early years, the faculty recognized her potential, leading her to participate in CISD’s Project Mentor program, which pairs children with community volunteers.

One of Aurora’s mentors, Mona Hamby, recalls their special bond. She received a paper about Aurora that revealed her admiration for Rosa Parks, her love for Dairy Queen tacos, and her passion for reading. Mona immediately recognized Aurora’s intelligence and kept the paper as a memento.

During their time together, Aurora confided in Mona about the challenges she faced as a teenager, and Mona realized that she needed guidance not only for academic pursuits but also for personal milestones. Mona helped Aurora with important decisions like selecting glasses and getting her first professional haircut.

The community also rallied behind Aurora, providing dental and orthodontic care, and enabling her to experience essential childhood activities like summer camp.

Reflecting on her journey, Aurora acknowledges the stark contrast between her past and present environments, recognizing the immense value Mona brought to her life. Everything she went through before meeting Mona and everything Mona taught her proved invaluable, shaping her into the exceptional young woman she is today.

In March 2022, Mona and her husband accompanied Aurora on a visit to Harvard’s campus, which solidified her determination to attend the university.

The experience deepened her love for the institution, and Mona credits James Wallace, a professor from Boston University, for helping Aurora craft her compelling story during the Harvard application process.

Aurora’s remarkable achievements and indomitable spirit serve as an inspiration to all who encounter her story, reaffirming the power of resilience and the transformative role of dedicated mentors.

As she embarks on her journey at Harvard, the world eagerly awaits the future accomplishments of this extraordinary young woman.

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