Georgia officers perform heroic rescue of infant accidentally locked in hot car

Courageous initial responders sprang into action to aid a situation where an 8-month-old baby was unintentionally locked inside her mother’s heated van in Georgia just last week.

Upon receiving an urgent call regarding the infant trapped in the vehicle amidst 85-degree heat, both a deputy from the Fayette County sheriff’s department and a marshal from the same county promptly responded. This information was conveyed by the sheriff’s office through a Facebook post published on Friday.

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According to Mary Davenport, the mother of the baby, who spoke to Fox affiliate WAGA-TV, she attempted to force open the door using a pickaxe and also made an effort to access her daughter through a window before help arrived, all in vain.

The harrowing sequence of events started when the baby unintentionally triggered the car’s locking mechanism. Upon shutting the door, the mother realized that her child was trapped inside and promptly dialed 911 for assistance.

Ultimately, Deputy Daniel Molina, who happened to be off-duty during the incident, along with Fayette County Marshal Sgt. Bryan Clanton, swiftly sprung into action upon receiving the urgent distress call about the infant confined in the vehicle. This account was reported by WAGA-TV.

The recorded rescue captures Molina forcefully breaking into Davenport’s vehicle via a window. The footage depicts the deputy extracting the baby from the car and ultimately ensuring her safety.

Subsequently, the young child was taken into an air-conditioned space prior to the arrival of paramedics, as reported by WAGA-TV.

“Thanks to their quick response and teamwork, they were able to remove her safely and have Fayette County Fire & EMS do a medical evaluation,” officials said. “Thankfully, the little girl was healthy and able to return to her mother.”

Davenport, who declined an interview and preferred not to disclose her daughter’s name, conveyed to the station that the 8-month-old is in stable condition following the distressing experience.

“Thank you to all of the county services involved for your heroic actions!” the department said. 

Starting from January 1st, the sheriff’s office reported an accumulation of more than 800 documented calls made to the 911 center due to keys becoming locked inside vehicles. Among these cases, more than 70 instances specifically entailed a child or a pet being inadvertently locked within the vehicle.

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