Gas station owner posts blunt sign on door after growing tired of seeing low-income people

Frank Hemani, an East Texas company entrepreneur, has been making waves with his movement that aims to help people in need. Frank and his staff began their journey at the Star Mart petrol station in the Lake Fork Community, near Emory, after they witnessed things that they couldn’t ignore or tolerate any longer. The movement has undeniably attracted a lot of attention.

It all started when Frank put up a few banners at his business after seeing a video of someone doing something similar. He said that the film triggered something inside of him, causing him to recall previous experiences. Frank has seen individuals in the region struggle to make ends meet, and he knows what it’s like to go hungry. He decided to assist since he didn’t want anybody else to go through what he had. According to Frank, kindness and compassion are not for sale. They’re completely free.

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