Funny grandmother has ouija boards distributed at her funeral: ‘Let’s keep in touch’

Her granddaughter uploaded it on Twitter, and now everyone refers to her as “iconic” for making her family laugh after her death.

People frequently receive humorous and unusual presents on their birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasions. It is fantastic to have wonderful reminders of our relationships with family and friends. However, it is uncommon for a grandma to arrange for a humorous and distinctive gift to be presented during a funeral. She ensured that the ouija boards during her burial contained a hilarious message.

Her granddaughter uploaded an image of this ouija board to Twitter, and the platform’s users went totally bonkers for having encountered it. The photo depicts a miniature ouija board adhered to one side of a card, while “Let’s keep in touch!” written on it. It also has a picture of the grandma sticking her tongue out and giving the finger. Her granddaughter, Gracie Perryman wrote alongside the photo, “Received this at my grandmas funeral. What an icon.”

The snapshot was posted on Twitter on October 19 and gained over 400 thousand likes and various responses. One user remarked,  “This is amazing… I am going to do this when I die in honor of your badass grandma! May she rest in peace!” A user even shared their own experience on losing a loved one, “The last time I got to talk to my best friend, before ovarian cancer took her, I asked her to send me a postcard from her next adventure. I get little signs every once and awhile. It’s a nice thing so this just make the messaging easier.”

Others stated, “I am so sorry for your loss. However, this is the stuff of LEGENDS! And now, you have it to look at whenever you feel down.” Yet another Twitter user shared, “I’m so sorry for your loss. My first reaction is that your grandma had a wonderful sense of humor, and her wanting to bring some light to the heaviness of grief is so sweet.” 

For those unfamiliar, a ouija board is used “to summon the spirits you want to communicate with, and they’ll move the planchette around the board to spell out answers to the questions you ask.” There is no scientific evidence that these boards work, but it was a sweet and amusing gesture by the grandmother that will be remembered by her entire family.

In another famous funeral, a grandmother had already outlined the rules for her funeral in a TikTok video. Lillian Droniak, age 92, stated in a humorous TikTok video that she does not want someone to cry excessively and embarrass themselves in front of everyone. In addition, she requested that everyone become drunk and even take shots at her burial. Everyone found one rule amusing and intriguing, and it involved a woman named Bertha. She does not want her to attend her burial and asks that if she does, she be “kicked out.”

As terrifying as it is, Droniak stated, “I joke about death because it will happen to all of us, as scary as that is,” and we “might as well laugh about it.”