Fulfilling an epic bucket list, a 7-year-old dog with cancer is making the most of her remaining time

Dolly, a 7-year-old dog, has been diagnosed with incurable cancer, but her owners are making the most of her remaining time by fulfilling an epic bucket list. Samantha Stanley, Dolly’s owner, received the news of her beloved dog’s cancer diagnosis in March 2022, after feeling a lump while giving her a belly rub.

The vet removed the tumor with surgery, but the cancer had already spread to Dolly’s lymphatic system. Despite the heart-wrenching news, Stanley and her partner, Danny Wragg, 30, decided to make the best of the time they have left with their furry friend.

Stanley, a software engineer, made a list of things she had always wanted to do with Dolly but never had the chance to do. The list included a canoe ride in the Lake District and a road trip across the Scottish highlands.

The trio has been creating unforgettable memories by fulfilling the bucket list. Stanley mentioned that they were told that chemotherapy wouldn’t do much, but they decided to let Dolly live her best life.

Despite being ill, Dolly hasn’t let her diagnosis affect her cheerful personality. Stanley mentioned that Dolly is slowing down a bit, but she still goes out with a dog walker on Mondays and “does backflips.” Stanley and Danny were shocked by the cost of Dolly’s medical treatment.

They used up their pet insurance for her treatment, bringing them to the realization that other pet owners may not be as fortunate. Hence, Stanley teamed up with her aunt, Julie Bell, to participate in the London Marathon to raise funds for the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA). The marathon will take place on April 23, and they will be running the 26.2-mile challenge.

Stanley has also created a JustGiving page to align with the marathon event. She has already exceeded her target of $2,400 and gathered around $2,700, which will all be contributed to the PDSA, a major veterinary charity in the UK.

Although the expenses incurred for Dolly’s veterinary treatment were significant, Stanley and Danny were fortunate to pay off the remaining amount with the help of pet insurance, but they recognize that not everyone can afford such expenses.