Four sisters are pregnant at the same time, leaving them in “complete shock”

Pregnancy holds a significant place in a family’s journey, where expecting mothers often rely on their loved ones for support and advice. However, for a group of four sisters, this nine-month experience has become exceptionally extraordinary, as all of them are simultaneously expecting.

Meet the Thiem sisters: Jena (33), Jessica (30), Jordan (27), and Jaden (25). Each of them is eagerly awaiting the arrival of their little ones, all expected to be born around the same time.

Four sisters are pregnant at the same time, leaving them in "complete shock"
In a remarkable coincidence, four sisters find themselves simultaneously expecting, with their due dates falling within a few weeks of each other. (Jena Primsky)

Raised in Highland Village, Texas, the Thiem sisters relocated to Omaha, Nebraska during their elementary school years. Their bond has remained strong throughout their lives, as they shared with Fox News Digital.

During an interview, the sisters expressed their surprise at the unexpected circumstance of all being pregnant at the same time. They admitted that it was something they had never anticipated happening to them.

Four sisters are pregnant at the same time, leaving them in "complete shock"
The Thiem sisters, due between August and November 2023, did not plan their simultaneous pregnancies. (Jena Primsky)

“I told all the sisters at Easter that I was pregnant, and then found out that Jaden was pregnant and Jenna, and I was in complete shock,” Jessica said. 

Jena, already a mother to 2½-year-old Mason, is expecting her second child, while her three sisters will be experiencing motherhood for the first time. They all express how incredibly meaningful it is to share this journey together.

“I think just being pregnant, we talk a lot more … about what we’re craving [or] what we want to eat,” Jaden said. 

Jena is eagerly anticipating the arrival of her second son, while her youngest sister, Jaden, is expecting a baby girl. In a remarkable coincidence, both Jena and Jaden share the same due date of October 1.

“At the exact same time, we both said, ‘October 1st,’ so that was even more of a shock,” shared Jaden, the youngest sister.

Jessica is expecting a girl and is due on November 17, while Jordan is due on August 3 with her baby.

Four sisters are pregnant at the same time, leaving them in "complete shock"
Excitedly, Jessica and her husband Nolan are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their first child, a baby girl. (Jessica Hanna)

The sisters are currently residing in three different states: Jena in Denver, Colorado; Jessica and Jordan living close to each other in Omaha. Meanwhile, Jaden, aged 25, works as a second-grade teacher in Dallas, Texas. She mentioned that being far away from her sisters during this special time has presented its challenges.

“It’s tough being far away,” she expressed.

Despite the distance, the four sisters maintain a strong connection through a group chat aptly named “Bumpin.” This platform allows them to share experiences, cherish funny moments, and support each other throughout their pregnancy journey. Jaden revealed that this virtual connection has eased the difficulties of distance to some extent.

Four sisters are pregnant at the same time, leaving them in "complete shock"
Jaden and her husband Jake reside in Dallas, Texas

Jordan, who is currently 35 weeks pregnant, recently had her baby shower, while Jessica and Jaden are scheduled to have theirs in August.

Four sisters are pregnant at the same time, leaving them in "complete shock"
Jordan and her husband Dylan have decided not to find out the gender of their baby ahead of time.

Jena, who is a second-time mom, expressed that she will be stepping back this time, preferring to focus on purchasing items for her first-time sisters instead.

Regarding their parents, who are about to become five-time grandparents, the sisters shared their immense joy and excitement.

“My dad [Mike] just keeps saying how blessed he is,” Jena said. “He has four daughters, and he’s just the best girl dad.”

Four sisters are pregnant at the same time, leaving them in "complete shock"
In this photo, the Thiem sisters, accompanied by their father Mike (left) and mother Nancy (far right), expressed that their parents are absolutely elated. (Jena Primsky)

While their mom, Nancy, had been keeping everyone’s secret for some time, she couldn’t contain her laughter at the remarkable coincidence.

“They’re just over the moon and can’t stop talking about how it’s going to be at Christmas,” Jena said. 

“We went from last year to one grandson — to now there’s going to be five [grandchildren].”

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