Foster baby is adopted 7 years after a fire in his apartment left him with horrible burns

When Deyvion was a baby, he was sleeping in a bassinet in the apartment where a fire broke out. He was saved from the fire by firefighters, but he was badly burned all over his face.

Deyvion’s survival was a miracle, but he had to fight his way back to health at a special burns unit. He was a tough little boy from Missouri.

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This miracle boy accomplished all of this on his own without the support of his family or friends, and it wasn’t until he was 5 years old that he was taken in as a foster child by Beth Plunkett, a single mother who already had two children of her own.

According to WGN9 News, Beth stated: “I thought he was a beautiful little boy, and I fell in love with him very quickly.”

Deyvion’s Drastic Journey

She shared: “I feel everybody says, ‘Oh, he’s so lucky to have you and what you’re doing,’ but I’m, I’m just as equally lucky to have him.”

Deyvion finally found a home to call his own when Beth adopted him after 2,545 days of searching.

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Beth said: “I want him to be, most importantly, just happy. And I want him to always feel loved and to just … to have goals and like, reach them and just do amazing, amazing things. And I know, I know he will … God definitely has an awesome plan for him.”

In addition to the love that his new mother and siblings will give him, the firefighters who saved him also see something special in him.

The South Metro Fire Department in Raymore’s Deputy Chief Eric Smith and his team will never forget the night they rescued this great youngster.

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Deyvion’s special jacket and hat were given to him on the day of his adoption by Smith and his team, and they also provided the little child and his mother a ride in their vehicle to the courthouse where his adoption was officially finalized.

This young guy will always be loved, and deservedly so; he is a courageous and endearing child who deserves all the happiness given what he has endured.