Former foster child asked the family he sold a car to for adoption, saying, “I’m blessed”

A young person who grew up in foster care was looking for a family, and he found it in a couple who were potential car buyers he met. The emotional video shows the Wilkinsons family’s reaction to salesperson Davon Woods’ recorded message asking them to become his “forever family” and whether he could take their last name. In April 2021, the Wilkinsons family left the car lot with a new car and a new friend.

Woods, who is 27 years old, said he never had a relationship with either of his parents while growing up in the foster care system. Sarah Wilkonson and her parents made an effort to connect with Woods whenever they could after learning about his situation, as reported by Good News Network.

The Wilkinsons invited Woods to join them for dinner on his birthday in August 2021 as well as for Thanksgiving later that same year at their home in Savannah, Georgia. Although there hasn’t been a formal adoption procedure, the Wilkinsons now consider Davon as their family and granted him permission to carry the name Davon Wilkinson. “It was weird to be in a loving environment.

I’ve never had a relationship with any parents ever, adoptive or biological,” said Woods. “It was something I’d always wanted. I’ve always wanted to say ‘this is my family.'”

Woods quit his job and founded Foster Kids Matter, an organization committed to helping foster children in Georgia. “I was inspired to become a foster kids advocate. If I hadn’t had that experience, I would never have done it,” he said. “When you go without love for a long time and are presented with it, it’s weird.

It feels like you’re starting a new job.” Woods spends holidays with the Wilkinsons, and he knows his kids will never be short of family with them around. “It was very emotional to me because they gave me love that I’ve never received, and often we think because of the color of our skin, we’re supposed to be separate, but I’m blessed to have them in my life,” he said.

However, Davon and his brother Tavon’s story wasn’t a fairytale. Daquane Shamar Jacobs and Tavon Lamar Jacobs were already facing challenges before they were born. Their biological mother was unaware that she was having twins, and the babies were born addicted to crack and weighed just 2 pounds because she received no prenatal care and used narcotics while she was pregnant.

The infants were placed in foster care immediately after birth, and when they were two years old, they were adopted by the Woods family and given new names, Davon and Tavon Woods.

According to InspireMore, the Woods family provided a far from ideal home for the boys, who experienced physical and verbal abuse and never felt loved. The absence of family history and encouragement caused both boys to rebel when they were teenagers and turn to drugs, almost dropping out of school, and Davon even attempted suicide several times. Knowing that his brother would be left alone in the world without him was the only thing that kept him from acting.

Being with the Wilkinsons has been a blessing for Davon, and he couldn’t be more grateful. Davon’s story is a beautiful reminder of how crucial it is to experience love and support in our lives, as well as to extend that love and support to those in need.