Forced to end interracial romance, they reunited 42 years later and now live together

68-year-old Jeanne Gustavson recently reunited with her college sweetheart after 42 years of separation, and they now live together. The couple’s interracial romance was forcefully ended in the past, but their love endured.

Gustavson took a leap of faith and tracked down her first and true love, Steve Watts, last year. Despite facing opposition due to their racial differences, Gustavson and Watts dated in secret for seven years during their time at Loyola University Chicago. However, the pressure and family disapproval eventually led Gustavson to break up with Watts over the phone.

Regretting her decision for the next four decades, Gustavson and Watts went on to marry and divorce other people, but they never forgot each other. In 2020, Gustavson made the decision to find Watts, and after months of searching, she finally located him in a nursing home.

Despite the physical toll time had taken on Watts, Gustavson was determined not to lose him again. They spent time together, realizing that their love was still strong and that neither of them had remarried.

Gustavson invited Watts to live with her, and with the help of friends, family, and kind strangers, she arranged for his transportation to her home.

On August 8, after a 36-hour trip in a medical transport van, Gustavson and Watts were reunited and began building a life together. They cherish the opportunity to make up for the 42 years they lost, finding solace and happiness in each other’s company.

Watts expressed his deep love for Gustavson, describing her as beautiful, wonderful, and the person who holds his heart and soul.

Their enduring love story serves as a testament to the power of reconnecting and never giving up on true love.

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