Footage of dramatic rescue after horse sucked into deep sinkhole

On Saturday morning, an elderly horse named Prince was wandering in his favorite field at Calder Farm Equestrian in Mirfield, West Yorkshire, England when he disappeared from view.

Prince was discovered by the owner trapped in a 4 foot deep pit, and immediately a team from West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service were called.

To calm him down, the firefighters covered his ears and stuffed cotton wool in them.

With the help of vets and Prince’s owner, they used a digger to carve open a shallow trench close to where the horse was trapped.

Then, in a stunning video, four servicemen were seen using a rope to help pull the injured animal out of the hole.

Technical rescue officer Damian Cameron said: “We’ve had similar incidents in the past where cows have got stuck in sink holes and we do have the option of putting slings around them and lifting them out”.

“However, we felt this could be dangerous for Prince and so we opted to dig him out instead”.

Prince was examined and, fortunately, emerged unharmed from his ordeal.

Helen Tempest, the horse’s owner, praised the rescue crew “The fire crews were absolutely amazing. I had no idea what to do and the crew came and took control, worked quickly and efficiently and were so good with Prince”. 

“I really can’t thank them enough. Prince has come out of it totally fine and is out on a different field today”.

The fire crew’s heroic actions in preserving the horse’s life were quickly praised on social media.

One wrote: “Thank God for our marvellous fire crew for saving this beautiful horse. God bless you all”.

Another said: “Huge congratulations on a job well done, managing to rescue this beautiful horse.”