Florida mother found alive in wooded area 6 days after vanishing, son says: ‘Happiest moment of my life”

Six days after her disappearance from a local Walmart, Anu Awasthi, a mother of two from Florida, has been found safe in a wooded area along Tampa Road, the same street where she vanished on August 10, according to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office.

Awasthi’s husband reported her missing after dropping her off for a hair appointment. The search for her was conducted under extreme conditions, with temperatures feeling like 111 degrees Fahrenheit. Nico Tusconi, a member of the volunteer group “We Are The Essentials,” expressed astonishment at her survival, stating, “For her to be alive in those elements, that’s God sending out a big prayer.”

After locating a CVS bag, the search group was able to narrow down their efforts, eventually discovering Awasthi in an area they had previously searched. Although she was in poor condition, she was able to reunite with her family after being evaluated and transported to a local hospital.

The reasons behind her disappearance remain unclear. Her son Rohan Awasthi expressed the immense relief of knowing his mother was alive, while son Varun Awasthi shared his joy at their reunion, saying, “Just seeing her made me so happy.”

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