Flight attendant unveils one item of clothing you should avoid wearing on airplane

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A flight attendant has offered a caution to travelers against wearing shorts or skirts on an airplane, and the rationale behind it might be unexpected.

Although you might assume that donning these comfortable garments is a good choice, it turns out that this is not the best idea.

Tommy Cimato, a TikToker and cabin crew member, goes on to explain…

“You never know how clean the seats are going to be”

In his widely-shared video, Tommy outlines ‘Five things you should never do on a plane,’ for his audience.

Among these points is the advice to “Don’t, or try not to wear shorts when you’re on a plane.”

“You never know how clean the seat is going to be – so if you have pants, you’re going to have less germs.”

Essentially, the rationale behind this advice is that by wearing clothing that covers your legs, you reduce the extent of direct contact with the airplane seat, which may not always be hygienic.

“Don’t fall asleep or lean your head on the window”

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He suggests wearing long pants to avoid contact with the airplane seat.
TikTok/ @TommyCimato

He proceeded to draw a comparison between leaning against the airplane window and wearing shorts.

Tommy said: “Do not fall asleep or lean your head on the window. You are not the only one that has done that and you don’t know how many people or children have wiped their hands or other things all over the window.”

Another point among his list of five was to “never touch the flush button or lever.” According to him, using your bare hands for this is “highly unhygienic and unpleasant.” Instead, he recommends using a piece of tissue to press the flush button in the bathroom.

“This proves you don’t clean the plane”

Commenters expressed gratitude to Tommy for his useful suggestions.

“Thanks, great advice!” one individual remarked. Another person said, “These are great to know – cheers!” Someone else commented, “I always make sure to wear a tracksuit so everything is covered, plus they’re so comfy!”

However, a significant number of people raised a common question: “Sooo, do you guys like not clean the plane after each flight?” one individual inquired.

Another person stated,  “JUST CLEAN THE DAMN AIRPLANE!”

A third comment claimed, “This basically proves you guys don’t clean the plane.”

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