Fishermen spotted something odd on an iceberg and realized an unimaginable truth upon closer inspection

Labradors are one of my favorite dog breeds, but the Labrador region on Canada’s east coast holds a special place in my heart. This remote and isolated area of Quebec is home to people who live in harmony with nature and rely on fishing as a major food source and industry. The sea offers many treasures in the area, including crabs, which are the specialty of fisherman Alan Russell.

One day, while out at sea with his partner Mallory Harrigan, they came across an unusual sight on top of a mushroom-shaped iceberg – a creature with four legs that did not belong in the sea. At first, they thought it was a seal, but upon closer inspection, they realized it was a polar fox.

It was unclear how the fox had ended up on the iceberg or how long it had been there, but Alan and Mallory knew they had to help. The traumatized fox appeared scared of the newcomers, but they were able to coax it aboard their boat, knowing they were its only chance for survival.

After some care and attention, the polar fox’s spirit returned, and when they reached the harbor, they set it free. The fox shook itself off and ran off, hopefully never to end up in such a dangerous situation again. Mallory and Alan’s love for animals had led to an unusual but successful rescue, and the fox now had a life to look forward to.