First-of-its-kind shirt designed by a soccer team lets women nurse their infants while supporting the squad

Since the design is not protected by a patent, other soccer clubs are free to copy it.

In the male-dominated sports sector, women’s concerns are frequently ignored, and their bodies and health are given little consideration. A few clubs are attempting to completely change that by creating apparel for women’s demands, including equipment and jerseys. Racing Club, an Argentine soccer team, has designed a jersey specifically for breastfeeding support. According to Footy Headlines, this is the first time that breastfeeding requirements have been taken into account in the football clothing industry.

In the inaugural video, several Racing supporters discussed the stigma still attached to public breastfeeding. Only 43% of U.S. citizens, according to research that examined data from a national public opinion poll conducted in 2001, thought that women should be permitted to breastfeed in public places.

According to National Consumers League, breastfeeding has long been considered the best way to provide newborns with nutrition. It lowers the risk of various syndromes, infections, and allergies while also offering the perfect nutritional balance in an easily digestible form. Breastfeeding reduces postpartum uterine hemorrhage and helps mothers lose pregnancy weight more quickly. Additionally, it reduces the risk of ovarian and breast cancer. As a result, it is crucial for both the newborn and the healing mothers. Nevertheless, despite these benefits, breastfeeding in public is still frowned upon.

Many mothers have received orders to stop breastfeeding or to leave settings where they have breastfed in public. Women who find themselves in such circumstances feel ashamed and are afraid that others will stigmatize them because they breastfeed. The management of restaurants and shopping centers has declared that they will either forbid breastfeeding anywhere in their premises or advise breastfeeding mothers to choose a more private area.

De-stigmatizing such a crucial function is a goal of groups like the Racing Club squad. A strategically placed opening between two overlapping layers of the new shirt, which was made using the club’s Kappa home shirt, enables infants to access the mother’s breast in a convenient and comfortable way. Mothers can now express their support for the team while breastfeeding.

The design, according to the club, is freely available to any club worldwide so that others might imitate it. Although nursing attire has been around for a while, this is the first time it has been incorporated into a football outfit. The team’s supporters, particularly the female ones, are overjoyed to see this new jersey. “I think it’s a very nice way to make breastfeeding visible and that it can finally stop being a taboo in public”,  one user tweeted.

A different person commented, “It’s great, they should give it as a gift to the members when they register their babies.” A third said, “I’m not racing or anything but this is great and you have to admit it! Well done people, applause and pride that they have taken this position.”

“Congratulations Racing!!! What a pioneering spirit that helps others, and encouragement!!!” another fan noted. 

New mothers will be able to nurse more frequently because to this innovative Jersey and convenient attire. Additionally, it will assist in destigmatizing something that is actually crucial to human health.