Firefighter assists with the delivery of his granddaughter at the fire station where he works

Bret Langston, a firefighter at the Austell Fire Station in Austell, Georgia, has assisted in the delivery of several babies over his 28-year career. However, his latest call may have been his most special yet. On February 10, Langston helped deliver his own granddaughter at his fire station.

Hannah, Langston’s daughter, said, “I was like, this is not right, this is not what we have planned at all.” But everything turned out well because moments after calling for an ambulance, Hannah’s mother, April Langston, and Hannah’s doula helped deliver a healthy baby girl named Adalynn.

Despite the unexpected turn of events, Hannah said, “It was unexpected, unusual, but it was a blessing and I wouldn’t change it. Everything went well.”

A dozen firefighters were present at the station when Adalynn was born. Austell Fire Captain Mitch Parrott believed it was meant to be. “We are more than just coworkers, we spend one-third of our lives together. We are like family here,” he said.

Adalynn and her parents plan on making frequent visits to see Langston and the place of her birth, which will surely hold a special place in their hearts. As Langston put it, “It’s just a miracle to have a baby, much less to have a baby at a fire station.”