Finding lost bag full of cash at the grocery store, a teen returns it to its owner

It’s always good to remember that strangers can be nice. With everything that is wrong in the world, reading a story about stranger kindness can help restore your faith in humanity!

Eliana Martin was going about her normal day at Ralphs. She realized she had left her wallet at the Chula Vista grocery store as she returned home.

She panicked and did what everyone advises you to do if you lose your wallet: she canceled her credit cards. She canceled her cards and realized she’d left her bag in the shopping cart she’d used while shopping.

Fortunately for her, the person who discovered her bag had only good intentions. Adrian Rodriguez saw the bag and immediately decided to keep it.

“My first thought was to give it back. I was debating whether I should take it back to the store or just bring it [to her], and I just brought it,” he said.

Instead of giving the bag to the store, he decided to give it to Martin himself. He went over to her house after discovering her address in the contents of her bag.

He rang the doorbell, handed Martin’s bag to one of her relatives, and walked away.

Martin later recalled being surprised to see Adrian in the ring video standing at her door, holding her bag and attempting to return it to its rightful owner.

Martin’s friend, Melina Marquez, was impressed by his candor and said, “We should find him so we can show him some gratitude.”

Both women went to thank Rodriguez in person. “As soon as I saw his actions, I was like, ‘I hope my son grows up to be just like him.’ The values his parents were teaching him, I’m just glad he kept that.”

Adrian was taken aback by their gratitude and admitted that he had not expected anything in return. “I didn’t expect nothing back, honestly. I just gave back her purse.”

The women are now organizing a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds to compensate the young man for his good deeds. Their goal was to raise $1000, but they raised more than twice that amount!