FedEx delivery worker saves a young child from a collision towards the end of his shift

At the end of his shift, a FedEx driver was praised for going with his gut.

FedEx delivery driver Damien Rose in South Carolina was finishing up his job when he observed something strange in front of him.

According to news sources in the area, he said, “I just happen to see smoke coming from out of the distance, and saw the two cars, and was like automatically I knew it was an accident.”

He heard someone cry, “Get the kid!” as he got closer to the site and spotted two cars that had been in an accident.


Rose instantly got out of his truck and ran toward one of the broken-down vehicles. The young child was freed from their car seat by him, and he carried them to safety.

He hurried back to save a woman who was pinned inside the second car, but despite his best efforts, he was unable to unlock the door.

He said: “It was just a first instinct of, ‘I’m not gonna let anybody die or anything like that.’”

Rose even remained with the families till the arrival of the emergency services.

While those hurt in the collision thanked him for stopping and aiding them, Rose claimed that he was the one who was truly appreciative.

He said: “Hopefully blessings come back. It always comes back. I never trip about things like that.”

Damien, I appreciate your assistance and stopping. We stop too frequently to examine accidents but do not remain to offer assistance. More people who stop and take action are needed, like you.