Fawn and a little girl have a specially sweet conversation

There is always a special relationship between children and animals; perhaps the holiness of children makes animals fearless and eager to befriend them!

In the short video, the Herring family is packing their car following a canoe trip when a fawn wanders into their front yard and approaches their daughter, Maya. The tiny fawn approached her and greeted her with light touches after initially appearing timid. Maya was immediately amused by the fawn’s cute behaviour and began to pet the animal’s nose and back!

Maya decides to show Fawn around after becoming fast friends with them. They were having a great time together until her mother reminded her that it was time to say goodbye and that her new little friend also had to return home because it was getting dark.

This sweet encounter may be one of her most cherished memories! Both individuals are extremely inquisitive, and the scene is truly amazing and tender. Indeed, their friendship is irreplaceable! Without a doubt, this has left an indelible mark on this child’s memory. God Bless and lots of love to them Helen 🌹