Fathers imitated their daughters’ photo poses on the beach in a classic dad move

In today’s public spaces, people are often seen taking photos for social media. As a parent, what would you do if you noticed your children were more focused on documenting content for Instagram and TikTok instead of being present in the moment? Some parents might intervene and ask their children to limit their social media usage and instead enjoy time with those around them.

However, two dads took a different approach when they saw their daughters spending all day posting and clicking pictures rather than spending time with their family. In a hilarious video posted on Instagram by @barstoolsports, they resorted to embarrassing their kids by imitating them.

In the video, the two young women can be seen engrossed in a photo shoot, with one acting as the cameraman while the other kneels in the water and poses for the camera. They garner some attention from the crowd, but the real stars on the beach are their fathers, who are mimicking their photoshoot poses a few meters away.

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Instagram | Barstool Sports

One dad strikes some thirst trap poses while the other dad records his antics in a squat position while the rest of the beach enjoys the hilarious moment.

It is clear from the expressions of the two girls that the embarrassment was successful, and they will likely take great caution the next time they plan a photoshoot session while on vacation.

The video was also posted on Reddit by u/Kafadafada, where it garnered over 32.5K upvotes and people in the comments could not get enough of this dad duo. Some even shared how lucky the daughters are to have dads who love and celebrate funny moments like these with them.