Father who didn’t finish high school puts up a huge billboard to celebrate son’s Ph.D. achievement

The story of a father’s unwavering support for his son’s Ph.D. achievement has gone viral after being shared on Reddit. The heartwarming post features a massive billboard that the father took out to congratulate his son, Brandon Truett, on his remarkable accomplishment.

The billboard reads, “Congratulations Brandon Truett! PhD in Eng.” and includes a photo of the newly-minted doctor. What makes this gesture even more meaningful is that the father himself did not graduate from high school, which highlights that success is not just about academic qualifications but also about the love and support of those around us.

Many people have commented on the post, congratulating Brandon and expressing admiration for his father’s display of support. Brandon himself took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the post, stating, “this ostentatious display of support from my Dad, who didn’t graduate high school, has got me feeling proud of myself today.”

The pandemic has made it challenging for many people who wished to celebrate their achievements with their loved ones. But despite the circumstances, it is heartening to see the support and love of family and friends still shining through.

Congratulations to all the Ph.D. graduates out there, and a special thank you to all the parents, spouses, friends, and mentors who have supported them along the way.