Dad records “angel” on doorbell, thinks it’s deceased father’s spirit, but not everyone agrees

Robert Mansfield, a father of three from Beaumont Leys in Leicestershire, claims to have captured an incredible video of an “angel” hovering above his house, watching over his family on his Ring doorbell. In fact, Robert is convinced that the spirit of his deceased father is the one who appears in the video.

He says that he has had a difficult time lately, with his dog Klo, a two-year-old Maltese and Pomeranian cross, losing an eye in a dog attack. Robert believes that the video footage of the “angel” has given his family comfort and peace of mind during this difficult period.

The video clip, which has now gone viral, was captured when Robert’s partner, Stephanie Scott, was returning from a dog walk with their son Oskar last month. As they approach the front door of their house, a white mark appears in the night sky and begins to drift upwards until it disappears.

Robert claims that the wings of the “angel” are visible as it flies above the street. The intriguing video clip has garnered almost 50,000 views and has sparked a debate among viewers, with some calling it “beautiful” and others dismissing it as a mere reflection.

Robert, however, is convinced that the “angel” is his father Mick Mansfield, who died when Robert was just 14 years old. He says that the video clip has brought his family comfort and hope, and that it has reinforced his belief that his father is watching over them.

Robert brushed off suggestions that the white mark on the video could be a reflection from his son Oskar’s coat, saying that he had researched previous footage of his son wearing the same coat and had never seen anything similar.

Stephanie, who initially spotted the apparition while doing a routine check of the doorbell camera, is equally convinced that the video is proof of an angel watching over their family. The dog walk during which the video was captured was the first time Klo had been off their property since the dog attack in their garden, and the appearance of the “angel” has given the family a sense of reassurance and hope.

Robert’s Facebook post about the incident has been shared more than 90 times, and he says that he is overwhelmed by the response it has received. He believes that the video is a sign that his father is still watching over his family, even after all these years.