Father is called by school because he mistakenly put alcohol in his son’s lunch box

Will Meyers, an American dad and well-known money mindset coach, recently shared his horror story on TikTok after he accidentally packed a beer in his son’s lunchbox, resulting in a call from the school asking him to collect his child. In the video, Will humorously recounted the details of the mix-up, explaining that he mistakenly included a can of black Liquid Death, a sparkling water brand, and a Guinness beer can in his son’s lunchbox.

The reason behind the mistake, as Will amusingly revealed, was that both cans were black in color, leading to the confusion. The TikTok video quickly gained attention, showcasing Will’s honest and lighthearted approach to the situation, and serving as a reminder to always double-check lunchbox contents before sending them off to school.

Scroll down for the video to witness Will’s hilarious mishap.

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In the video, Will said: ‘Well, I gotta go pick up my kid from school today because I made a big mistake.

‘Whenever my son was born, the best advice I ever got was you know more than you think you do, but today is not that day, let me show you.’

Will proceeded to explain in his TikTok video that his son actually enjoys having the black can of sparkling water in his lunchbox because he finds it “awesome.” However, the other black can in the lunchbox was not sparkling water, but a can of Guinness beer. Will humorously emphasized that although it may look like sparkling water, it is definitely not.

He then expressed his dilemma of having to pick up his son from school and explain the situation to the school staff. Will’s lighthearted tone and candid storytelling in the video added to the humorous nature of the situation, making it a viral sensation on TikTok.

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Will Meyers’ TikTok video quickly went viral, amassing over 2.7 million views and eliciting a flood of comments from empathetic viewers. The majority of comments were filled with understanding and humor, with people relating to the dad’s lunchbox mishap and leaving comments like ‘lol’ and sharing emojis.

Many others also shared their own ‘dad horror stories’ of similar packing blunders. One person recounted how their dad had sent them to school with a Mike’s Hard Lemonade in kindergarten, suggesting it’s a common “dad thing.”

Another shared that they had accidentally packed two packs of cigarettes in a bag of paper plates and napkins for their daughter’s class. A teacher chimed in, noting that a student had brought in a can of White Claw, mistaking it for regular sparkling water. One mom shared that she had accidentally sent her child to school with their sibling’s nappy bag instead of their book bag.

These comments highlighted the relatability of such mistakes and added to the humorous nature of the situation, as others empathized and shared their own anecdotes of lunchbox blunders.