Father faces charges after beating 20-year-old man found in daughter’s bedroom

Ismael Casillas, a father of a teenage daughter, was determined to protect his child at all costs. But his efforts to defend his family and property from an intruder could result in him being imprisoned.


Ismael Casillas, a 41-year-old father from Coweta County, was faced with a situation where he had to protect his teenage daughter at all costs. He had never met the 20-year-old Keywontrezes Humphries before finding him in his daughter’s bedroom in the early morning. Casillas immediately felt his fatherly instincts kick in upon discovering the intruder with his 14-year-old child.


Casillas confronted Humphries in his daughter’s bedroom, and in the heat of the moment, he physically attacked him, causing severe injuries including broken teeth and bruises. Unbeknownst to Casillas, Humphries was reportedly in a relationship with his teenage daughter at the time. Humphries managed to flee after the altercation.

During the altercation, Casillas yelled for his wife to retrieve his handgun. Humphries attempted to escape through a neighboring window, but Casillas chased him into the front yard, continuing his assault and threatening to kill him. Casillas also fired several rounds at Humphries as he fled.


While law enforcement officers understand Casillas’s anger, they think he went too far. The investigator said that the father “crossed a line” when he fired his gun at Humphries, who was no longer a threat.

Casillas stands accused of committing a violent attack, which may result in him serving prison time for his actions. According to Georgia law, homeowners may utilize force to defend themselves and their loved ones against intruders, provided that there is an ongoing threat. However, law enforcement officials believe that Casillas’ use of force was unnecessary since Humphries was attempting to flee when he discharged his firearm.

Subsequently, Keywontrezes Humphries was apprehended and charged with child


Kristy Casillas, the spouse of Casillas, launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for her husband’s legal expenses. In the campaign, she disclosed that their daughter had encountered Humphries while playing Xbox online, and that he subsequently journeyed two hours to their residence to engage in sexual activities with her.

Kristy argued that her husband’s actions were justifiable because he was unaware of whether Humphries had broken into their home to commit rape or abduction against their daughter. They only learned about their child’s relationship with Humphries after conversing with her afterwards.

It is difficult to predict how one would react in a similar situation unless they have experienced it firsthand. However, it is reasonable to assume that the majority of parents would not fault the incensed father for unleashing his anger on the intruder who was an adult.