Family trades in mortgage for a motorhome and now travels the USA saving $30k annually

In their new home, the couple saves about $1,800 monthly compared to their previous mortgage payments.

Many people may have this as their ultimate dream, especially those who are sick of the daily grind.

You get up, go to work, then go home to sleep.

We all wish we could break free from this routine.

Being nomads who live to travel the world, or at least the USA, would be a dream come true.
But not all of us are capable of achieving this dream.

One family discovered this bravery when they made the decision to replace their mortgage with a motorhome. Leaving your daily routine in order to travel and be free takes courage.

Jen Omohundro and her husband JR made a significant choice when they decided to stop paying their mortgage and travel the country.
In March 2021, they exchanged it for a 300-square-foot motorhome that they had just finished remodelling.

After all the preparations were completed, the couple and their two kids set out on the road to fulfill their dream.

They travelled together, shared life at home with the kids, and worked remotely.

The family’s courageous change in lifestyle has not left them with any regrets, and they even manage to save more than $30,000 annually.

Jen and JR say they made the choice after hearing about another family making the same choice through a podcast.

Although it didn’t seem serious at first, Jen was taken aback to learn that her husband was also open to the significant change.
“The family was talking about how incredible it was and what the kids were then experiencing,” said Jen.

Although I thought it was an interesting and cool idea, I never imagined that my husband would accept it. But to my surprise, he indicated that he would be interested.

The couple finished their research in no time at all. The mortgaged home was already listed for sale a week later.
JR and Jen invested $314,000 in their RV.

Their average monthly expenses were $1,450 for motorhome sites and less than $800 for fuel.

In their new home, the couple saves about $1,800 monthly compared to their previous mortgage payments.

It is a significant saving that made the family’s travel more enjoyable.

The Omohundro family spent about two weeks in each of the 36 states they visited after more than a year of travel.

Putting savings aside, the family is more appreciative of the additional benefit they receive.

The simple fact that they get to spend each day together while taking in the splendour of each state is already a significant benefit.

Literally, it is a dream come true.
Every state has its own unique beauty, and this family does not regret choosing to live it up while travelling.

The couple’s kids, son Lane, 10, and daughter Kelsey, 14, get to benefit from sharing in valuable experiences.

“Without doing this, we never would have had so many family experiences,” said Jen. We’ve taken pedal railway rides, whale-watching excursions, and mountain hikes.

They can earn money and learn without having to be separated from one another by homeschooling and working from a distance.
“Homeschooling has been great for the kids because we use a virtual curriculum that is supported by hands-on learning. She continued, “My son is currently one year ahead of where he would be if he were still in school.”

We took them to a dig site where mammoths were being unearthed; it was fascinating. Despite the fact that we adore this way of life, we will always do what is right for the family.

The family has recently moved into a 400-square-foot home that has been upgraded, giving them more space and rooms to enjoy travelling together.