Family of 2008 gas blast victim claim plum mining town with fatal explosion has underlying land problems

The family of a grandfather who perished in a 2008 house explosion, merely four miles from a deadly blast that claimed five lives, accuses the gas company of negligence and highlights pervasive issues in the area. Richard Leith, 64, lost his life while looking after his granddaughter in Plum, Pennsylvania, near the scene of a recent explosion on Rustic Ridge Road. His siblings denounce the gas companies in the vicinity as irresponsible, emphasizing a pattern of problems.

The Leith family received a $2.9 million settlement in 2010 from a lawsuit involving multiple parties, including Peoples Gas Co. Inc. and Dominion Resources Inc., following Richard’s tragic death. However, the area continued to experience explosions, raising questions about safety measures and accountability.

Amid the recent explosion tragedy, Leith’s sister, Janet Berneburg, expressed concern over the recurring incidents and the loss of innocent lives. She emphasized the need for accountability and called attention to the widespread issues in the region.

Dad's visit to her daughter following the birth becomes a viral sensation

The investigation into the recent explosion is ongoing, with the cause yet to be determined. The National Transportation and Safety Board (NTSB) previously attributed a similar explosion to excavation damage, although no conclusive link has been established between the different incidents. The safety of the community remains a priority, with the gas company cooperating with relevant authorities.

Dad's visit to her daughter following the birth becomes a viral sensation

The relentless cycle of explosions has left families grieving and communities shaken. As authorities work to uncover the cause and ensure public safety, the question of accountability and preventative measures looms large.

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