Family graduates college together, calling it their “most special moment”

In a truly remarkable and historic achievement, a family has etched their names in the annals of academia by graduating together from Texas Lutheran University. This extraordinary milestone saw not just one, but three members of the same family donning their caps and gowns, walking proudly across the stage to receive their diplomas in perfect synchrony.

Ashley Adams, along with her parents, Robyn and Greg Adams, had the incredible honor of obtaining their college degrees simultaneously, marking a momentous occasion for the entire family.

Ashley, beaming with pride, shared her excitement about this unique experience, stating, “This is my fun fact when I meet people.” As per a news release from the school, she described the upcoming event as “surreal.”

She expressed her gratitude for the rare opportunity to attend college with both of her parents and to have the privilege of walking the stage alongside them. Understanding the sacrifices her parents had made, Ashley explained, “My parents didn’t get to finish their education because they wanted to start a family and there were better opportunities at the time to obtain that goal.”

When Robyn and Greg approached their daughter, expressing their desire to transfer to Texas Lutheran University in Austin, Ashley readily embraced the idea. She wholeheartedly supported their decision, acknowledging the significance of their educational journey. “I can’t express how proud I am of my parents for not only going back to school but making the most out of their time here,” Ashley said.

She highlighted her mother’s nurturing nature, noting how Robyn had taken on a motherly role and offered assistance to her classmates in various ways. Additionally, she spoke of her father’s participation in college athletics, joining the golf team and embracing the opportunities presented to him.

Graduating alongside her family held profound significance for Ashley, who considered it to be one of the most special moments of her life. The shared accomplishment symbolized their collective determination and dedication to education. Robyn, earning a degree in accounting, and Greg, a retired Army veteran pursuing a business degree, exemplified resilience and perseverance in their academic pursuits.

Ashley expressed her immense pride and admiration for her parents, recognizing the challenges they overcame and the impact they had on campus. She stated, “I think that they have had such a presence on campus, and I am so lucky and proud to call them my parents.”

Looking ahead, Ashley revealed her aspirations to become a math teacher, inspired by her own educational journey and the desire to make a difference in the lives of others. As for Robyn and Greg, they have secured positions at CPA firm Forvis and the Randolph Air Force Base, respectively, embarking on new chapters in their professional lives.

Reflecting on their time at Texas Lutheran University, Robyn shared her appreciation for the accepting and welcoming environment the family encountered. She expressed gratitude towards professors like Professor Sally Cook, who genuinely cared about their students and fostered personal connections.

Robyn emphasized the support they received during challenging times, including the loss of both Greg’s parents and a serious car accident involving their son during finals. The faculty always prioritized family well-being and encouraged them to take care of their loved ones, assuring them that they could navigate the academic journey alongside their personal challenges.

Greg, a proud father, also celebrated his own accomplishment of fulfilling his dream of graduating from college. With a touch of emotion, he acknowledged the exceptional woman his daughter had become, expressing his immense pride and gratitude for the opportunity to attend Texas Lutheran University and witness her growth and development. He marveled at the person Ashley had become, thanking her for allowing him and Robyn the privilege of witnessing her personal transformation.

The graduation ceremony at Texas Lutheran University holds immeasurable significance for the Adams family, symbolizing not only their individual achievements but also the unwavering bond and support