Everyone is shocked when a three-year-old boy leads his class in a passionate prayer

It is commonly known that young toddlers mimic anything they see. And it is apparent from this child’s actions that he has been around folks who pray with the highest devotion.

A video of a little child praying went viral a while back because he was so cute. The tiny boy expressed his right to religious freedom by abruptly standing up in his classroom.

He then closed his eyes and joined his hands in prayer. Makhi Martin, a Missouri three-year-old, led his Pre-K class in prayer.

The tiny kid shuts his eyes and, though his words are not yet clear, expresses an earnest prayer for the meal he and his classmates are about to eat.

He opens the prayer with “Father God,” and then goes on to state that all boys and girls around the world are blessed.


The teacher is filming the video and can be heard plainly filled with emotion as she watches the small child pray from memory. Clearly, his parents have maintained the habit of praying before meals.

As he prays, the entire class, including the teacher, repeats the prayer after him, making it even sweeter.

The toddler’s video was published on YouTube and quickly went viral, garnering millions of views. It has received over 400,000 likes and numerous comments praising the small child and his plea.

The prayer went viral on the internet just before the coronavirus outbreak. It went viral on the internet in January 2020, when no one knew what the year held.

Prayer is more important than ever today, as people all across the world are suffering. More kind people like Makhi Martin are needed to pray for everyone and care for the well-being of others.