Endearing friendship between rescue dog and goat leads to them finding forever home together

Cinnamon the goat and Felix the dog have formed an unbreakable bond, and the Wake County Animal Center in Raleigh, North Carolina was able to find them a new home at a local farm. The pair was brought to the shelter together by an animal control officer, and the staff noticed their affection towards each other.

Although the shelter usually does not accept farm animals, they welcomed the pair and reunited them after noticing Cinnamon bleating and calling out for Felix when separated.

After ten days at the shelter and no one coming to care for them, the staff posted a Facebook message seeking a rescue to adopt the bonded duo. The post received thousands of likes and offers from people in the Raleigh area with small farms.

On March 27, a local farm agreed to take in the pair after Felix was neutered, and they hoped to integrate Cinnamon into the goat herd.

“They are adorable best buddies,” said Jennifer Federico, director of animal services at the shelter. “The ideal situation for her would be grazing on some grass at a farm somewhere with Felix nearby.”

The Washington Post reports that the pair seems content napping and playing together at the shelter while finalizing plans to get them to their new permanent home. Despite needing to be separated by a divider when eating, Cinnamon loves cuddling with Felix.

Their story is a reminder of the strong bond that can form between animals and the capacity for love and friendship they possess, just like humans. The shelter staff made an exception to their policy because they recognized the bond between Cinnamon and Felix, and it paid off when they found a new home where the pair could stay together.